Genetic Testing - the basic idea

As mitochondria are passed along the matrilineal path of heritage, mitochondrial DNA contains the memory of human ancestry. A close look at specific regons gives insight into this mystery. Most analysis is based on the d-loop region, where selection on mutations is lesser than in coding regions. This implies DNA-sequencing, which is not within reach to us.

Gene topology on the mitochondrial DNA of humans


Made with OOCalc and Data of Cambridge Reference Sequence of human mitochondrial DNA as stored in Genbank under Acccession AC_00021

Meanwhile other genetic markers are known, which we used in our approach, i.e. clade-specific REnzyme cutting sites on the mitochondrial DNA ofhumans. 


We started with the test for the most abundant clade, then the second  and so forth... 

adapted from:Classification of European mtDNAs-  From an Analysis of Three European  Populations. Antonio Torrni 1996, Genetics 144: 1835-1850 (1996)

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