Aims and Scope

This project is aimed at promoting the building of an european identity among the future generations by revealing how many genetic ties exist between all europeans since the ancient past. 
After sampling student DNA we carry out molecular biology lab works for DNA typing and assign student data to the appropriate clades. Further lab procedures lead to data to be used in revealing genetic relations by means of applying basic bioinformatic procedures.
In order to understand relatedness between europeans, our investigations will reveal links between biological, historical and cultural facts.This will bring students closer to a scientific culture by using molecular biology methods and will foster awareness of the necessity to be transnationally mobile and to be able to communicate in the scientific lingua franca.
ICT will be used for communication, analyzing and presenting data throughout the entire project.Students create e-learning modules to cover all project subtopics and to disseminate the outcome.
Activities will be designed according to the concepts of problem based and collaborative learning.Project material will be made available for the public in order to encourage other educational institutions to join in. 

EU funded project with partnering schools in Madrid ES ( Colegio Ártica), Tampere FI (Messukylän lukio) and Ettlingen DE (Bertha-von-Suttner-Schule) from 2008-2010.

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